Company’s   Profile

Vigoly Bio. Tech. (Beijing) Co. Ltd is a joint venture in China set up by Vigoly Biological Laboratories Israel Ltd, engaged in research and development, production, quality control and marketing of poultry vaccines. 


There are two production bases under Vigoly namely Shandong Binzhou poultry freeze-dried and inactivated vaccine production base and Beijing frozen cells vaccine production base. Its activities are carried out under control of the standard operation procedures and requirement of GMP applied in Europe. 


The company’s research and production lines are placed under the constant supervision of quality control laboratories, where its products receive approval and are inspected by the Authorities of Agriculture. In addition to its activities, the company focalizes in the marketing and distribution of veterinary products from its own production, and from leading international and local companies in the veterinary field in Israel and all over the world.


Vigoly is committed to enhancing the health, well-being and performance of animals. Our strengths is in treatment, disease prevention and eradication of infectious disease among poultry (such as: NDV, IBD, Marek, Avian Influenza, IB, FP, ILT, Salmonella, CRD, AE, TE, HE, Fawl Cholera, EDS, etc.) in large farms, as well as clinical treatment with regard to preparation of vaccination programs and biosecurity plans.